Looking for a Website Design Company in Sheffield

Website Design Company in Sheffield

Looking for a Website Design Company in Sheffield?

Loads of web design companies and agencies are popping up around the internet offering all the same services, however do you feel you are getting the most for your money? You probably feel that spending £6,000 is way too much to invest  straight away especially when we can offer the same service for a third. I will let you do the sums -:)

So what extras do you get?

We don’t just offer a website that’s designed and built and then take your money, we encourage and offer tips for you to get your new website moving and working. We make sure that the site is linking with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. We sit down with you and help you update your website and teach you how to wordpress and how to start blogging which will help keep your website fresh and breathing. We can setup Google Analytics and send out traffic reports, Google Places so you can be found in your local area.

  • Submit your website the Search engines
  • Setup Google Places
  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Setup and link Twitter accounts to your website
  • Setup and link Facebook accounts to your website
  • Link LinkedIn accounts to your website
  • Tips on SEO to gain positioning and ranking
  • We talk about you and create link from our website to yours

One of our latest projects was with ProRisk Safety, we covered all of the points above:

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