Logo design and branding

When thinking about a new logo you will remember or notice many famous brands. And why? Because the logo made a connection with you, it is usually the first visual touch point between you and your customers.

In a competitive market where first impressions count you’ll need a logo that sticks in the memories of all who view it. It’s not just a logo design, it has to re-enforce your brand values, essentially who you are, and what you stand for.

About logo design

A logo is a graphic element (symbol, emblem, icon) that may be used on it’s own or combined with a logotype (a unique set of characters or typeface) to form a trademark or commercial brand. It will appear in a wide variety of sizes and be reproduced in both printed and digital media.

The distinctive arrangement of images and fonts used in creating a logo should sit comfortably with other elements in any graphic design layout. A good logo design will not be difficult to reproduce in small sizes and at low resolutions. It will be as effective on business cards as it is in a web advert or on vehicle livery or the sign outside a building.

The use of colour in a logo design improves brand recognition from a distance and can make us react emotionally. Orange for example, is the colour of energy and vitality, whereas green can stand for ‘saving the planet’ and healthy eating.

Brand development and corporate identity

Logos are used to brand an individual product or service, as well as to identify a company or an organisation. They can be aesthetically pleasing, a work of art, create an optical illusion, be practical, bold or witty.

To strengthen a brand and impart other information about it, an associated ‘strapline’ is often used with the logo. This phrase or sentence attached to a brand name can be memorable and give personality to the brand.

Logo and strapline, applied to marketing material, packaging, vehicle livery, stationery, signage etc, promotes brand recognition. Logos elicit an emotional response and inspire brand loyalty.

It’s important to maintain brand quality and keep a corporate identity looking fresh and up-to-date. A new logo can revitalise everything it’s applied to.

If going for a new logo is too risky a strategy then careful redesign of an existing logo can make sense. Subtle changes can put some energy back into a tired looking logo without the risk of losing brand recognition.

Affordable logo design you can trust

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